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Identification & Analysis

Identification & Analysis 

Are you struggling with brand awareness? Do you have a great product, but no one knows about it? We’ll help you identify the true benefits of your product or service, differentiate you from the competition in a very clear, defensible and monetarily productive way and give your product an identity that carries throughout your marketing efforts.

Building an identity for your product or service is an essential part of developing your marketing foundation. We focus on defining your true product benefits, differentiating you from the competition in a clear, defensible and monetarily productive manner.

Identification & Analysis exercises will help us:

  • Identify your ideal target market in order to effectively focus your marketing efforts on your most likely customer
  • Develop personas to define the ideal profile of your potential buyer, leveraging demographic and psychographic data, to effectively target communications and marketing programs
  • Build powerful messaging based on the challenges your customers face, the solution you offer and the benefits they will experience
  • Position your product or service in relation to other competitive products or services in your target market

Building a strong marketing foundation for your product or service will result in a synergistic message across all of your marketing and sales activities and a streamlined marketing strategy. It’s important that everything representing your product or service prompts a meaningful connection with your target market. They’ll seek to listen and learn more about what you have to offer.

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