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Content Creation

Content Creation

Are you lacking the content necessary to engage prospects and close deals? Engaging customers throughout their entire buying journey with thought-leadership content is essential for your website, social media pages and marketing campaigns.

Content that supports the buyer’s journey:

  • Awareness – Making your audience aware of your product is a key component of your content marketing efforts. At this point, your prospect may not know they have a problem and they need to be convinced that they need a product like yours. The content utilized at this stage will make the buyer aware of the challenges they face
  • Interest/Consideration – At this point in the buyer’s journey, they likely know they have a problem. However, they may not have a budget allocated to purchase. You want to use content at this stage to convince them why they should buy a product like yours now
  • Evaluation/Intent – The buyer knows they have a problem, they have allocated budget and decided to purchase a product or service. This is where it’s critical for you to persuade them to buy your product or service – explain why your product or service is better than any other option on the market
  • Purchase/Commitment – Finally, the buyer has made the decision to purchase your product or service. Content that supports their purchase decision is useful at this stage
  • Growth – The goal is to turn this buyer into a long-term, repeat customer and in order to do this, the customer must continue to see value in your product or service. Content that explains why they should keep your product or service can be very effective in maintaining the desired long term relationship with your customers

We’ll develop content that delivers a consistent and targeted message, positioning you and your business as an authority on important topics and attracting new leads, guiding them through their buying journey and converting them to buyers.

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