Great Results are Fueled by Great Product Marketing

Dear Friends,


And then it happened…. After 12+ years of practicing product marketing and management in public and private companies in the software industry, I reached a crossroad that I think every entrepreneurial spirit, much like you, reaches. Do I stay safe and grounded in a lucrative career within big business? Or do I take a leap of faith, embracing my passion by applying it toward a greater purpose and launch my own venture?


Just like you, I decided to take that leap.


Launch Product Marketing is fueled by the struggle that all of us, whether entrepreneurs, product pioneers or start-ups face when thinking about how to bridge the gap that exists between the fantastic product or service that we’ve developed and taking it to market with strategic messaging that stands out amidst the clutter.


You, as a business owner just like me, are challenged with finding enough time in the day to design and deliver a great product or service. Thinking about how to position your business and what message to deliver to your target market often takes a back seat. Most importantly, you can’t grow if people don’t know you exist.


My vision is to help businesses just like yours bridge the gap that exists between the product you’ve spent countless hours perfecting and the execution of marketing activities. Essentially help you save precious time and money oftentimes spent on ineffective marketing.


I’ve walked in your shoes, stepping through the same milestones when taking Launch to market.


I have created a model for identifying target markets, understanding the habits and interests of clients, ascertaining the challenges your clients face and how your product or service will positively impact their lives; uniquely differentiating you from the competition. This arms us with the information necessary to develop distinctive marketing resources that speak clearly to your perfect audience.


The more businesses we can get to follow a Product Marketing methodology, the closer Launch Product Marketing can get to helping businesses really stand out from the crowd.


I am extremely excited about the opportunity I see ahead for Launch Product Marketing. By making Product Marketing services available to businesses of all sizes and delivering a smarter approach to marketing, the mission feels close at hand.


If you are reading this, I want to talk to you. I’m passionate about helping you grow, so reach out and let’s get your product a voice!


Elisabeth Cullivan Thomas